Today I am going to review a very special expression – Brora 30 Year Old 6th Release bottled in 2007. This bottle comes from the closed distillery of Brora and is limited to 2958 bottle. The sample used for this review came from commercially bought bottle number 2625.

The distillery has a very unique history which helped it to become a somewhat ‘cult’ in the world of whisky. Brora started its life under the name Clynelish Distillery back in 1819. In 1968, due to the increased demand of ‘peated’ whiskies from blended whisky producers like Johnnie Walker, the owners decided the open a second distillery right across the road from the old. As an interesting fact, the newly opened distillery was also called Clynelish. To prevent any confusion, the old distillery was renamed as ‘Brora’ which was the name of the town. Old distillery continued to produce ‘heavily peated’ single malts till the mid of 1970’s when they switched to ‘Highland Style’ less peaty editions. Unfortunately in early 1983, owners decided to shut the the operations in Brora.

What brought back Brora to the World of Whisky was Diageo‘s decision of including it into their annual ‘Special Releases‘ series. Since than ‘Special Limited’ Brora expressions are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Brora 30 Year Old 6th release is a cask strength expression which comes at 55.7% ABV. At the time of this post, this edition was available from The Whisky Exchange website with a price tag of £1,250

Brora 30 Year Old

Brora 30 Year Old 2007 Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Rich golden hue…

Nose: Unique, almost country like nose… Damp and muddy forest floor… farm animals… Strong but not overwhelming peat presence… dark notes of tar, coal and diesel as if coming from a tractor; completing the overall farm scene… Sweet floral notes of green apples, pears maybe a bit of berries… Some nuttiness… Feint coastal sea aromas on the background…      

Palate: Coastal influence is stronger in the mouth… Strong acidity and zestiness from lemons and apples… Opening taste buds to their full potential… very well balanced spiciness in the form of fresh gingers and mustard seeds… smoked floral touches provide a ‘sweet peat’ like taste… bitter flavors of tar and ash

Finish: Long and full bodied… ‘sweet peat’ very dominant on the tongue… touches of eucalyptus provide a nice freshness…

This is a special dram for sure. It has very unique character and flavor profile. Limited availability and a pretty high price tag makes this unreachable for most Whisky lovers but if you ever get a chance to sample it, my recommendation would be not to pass it even it coasts way more than your everyday dram. You would take your part in Islay Whisky history. Fantastic…

Enjoy and have fun…

Brora 30 Year Old Whisky Review
Overall Score94%
94%Overall Score