The star of today’s review is a special bottle released as part of Cadenhead’s 175th Anniversary lineup. Caperdonich 39 Year Old is part of the independent bottler’s ‘Lost Distilleries’ line up for the celebration of its anniversary along Banf 40 Year Old (1976) and Convalmore (1977) 40 Year Old. The sample came from a commercial bought bottle. (Special thanks to my dear friend Ozgur, passionate collector of fine and rare whiskies)

Caperdonich Distillery was established back in 1898 on the banks of River Spey near the town of Rothes and had to close its doors in 1902. It was originally built as an extension to ‘Glen Grant’ distillery which was next door. The distillery resumed production in 1965 and renamed as ‘Caperdonich’ after its water source. The name comes from Gaelic ‘Tobar Domhnaich’ meaning ‘secret well’. Caperdonich mothballed in 2002 for the final time and dismantled on 2011.

The spirit forming the hearth of this expression was distilled in 1977. Whole maturation took place in a Sherry butt for a bit over 39 years with the final yield of 462 bottles.

Cadenhead’s Caperdonich 39 Year Old comes bottled at 50.4% ABV. It is non chilled filtered and does not contain any artificial coloring additives. This great expression was originally priced at £360 and was sold out within hours of its release. At this time the only way to get a bottle is from auction houses but with a healthy amount of mark up.

Cadenhead's Caperdonich 39 Year Old

Cadenhead’s Caperdonich 39 Year Old Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Rich Mahogany… Like a dark and thick maple syrup or burnt caramel…

Nose: With one word, Beautiful… wood and oak notes along with a faint furniture polish like entering a little posh antiques shop… Dark berries and plums create a strong but not overwhelming fruity sweetness… This fruity aromas balance the oakness creating a fantastic overall aroma…. Little bit of milt chocolate and caramel on the background….

Palate: Very thick, almost creamy… Mouth coating…  Fruit and herbal flavors rush over your tongue… Intense fruity flavors but without extreme sweetness… Plums, cherries and raspberry drizzled with burnt caramel and toffee syrup… Oak influence is distinctive in the form of waxy dryness and subtle spices… Cinnamon, clover and maybe a bit of nutmeg… A bit of dark chocolate and coffee beans lingering around… Great overall characteristic…

Finish: Very long and rich finish… Starting off fruity and herbal moving into a more spicy and dry form…

Fantastic expression. A true ‘Sherry Bomb’ without the extreme sweetness. As a good friend of mine would call it –  ‘Proper Whisky’. Great taste with great texture, almost like a luxurious cognac… Perfect as an after meal treat…

Slainte Mhath…

Cadenhead's Caperdonich 39 Year Old Whisky Review
Overall Score95%
95%Overall Score