GlenDronach 25 Year Old aka ‘Mace Windu’ is the fourth expression to be added to the ‘unofficial’ Star Wars series exclusively bottled for The Professional Danish Whisky Retailers in Denmark.

The relation between these expressions and the famous Star Wars characters come from the colour of choice used on the boxing and labels. The ‘original trilogy’ included the black-themed GlenDronach 9-Year-Old aka Darth Vader (2014), the green-themed GlenDronach 12-Year-Old aka ‘Yoda’ (2015) and finally, the blue-themed GlenDronach 10-Year-Old aka ‘Luke Skywalker’ (2016).

This edition of GlenDronach 25 Year Old is called ‘Mace Windu’, at least among the fans of the movie, as the purple used resembles the colour of the character’s, played by Samuel Jackson in the movie, lightsaber. This will the last item in this ‘unofficial series’.

GlenDronach 25 Year Old is a 25 Year Old whisky, originally distilled in 1992 and matured in ‘Finest Sherry Casks specially selected by Rachel Adams and Adam McConnochie’. It comes bottled at 48% without chill filtration and in its natural colour. Limited to just 1500 bottles, the price tag for this edition is around 250 Euros.


GlenDronach 25 Year Old ‘Mace Windu’ Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Dark Amber

Nose: Starts with fresh juices and a whiff of alcohol. Immediately transforming into a more mature character.  Plums, dark berries and figs create a warm and sweet redolence. Balancing the sweetness is earthy and woody aromas. Toasted almonds, walnuts dusted with some cinnamon. Feint notes of old furniture polish. Bitter notes of dark chocolate and ground coffee beans on the background.

Palate: Dense and smooth texture. Mixed fruit jam with figs, plums and dates. Caramelized brown sugar, dark chocolate covered orange dragees. Cinnamon, clover and a little bit of anise create a spicy and warm mood. Oak is evident in the form of dryness.

Finish: Long finish… mouthwatering fruit juice sweetness disappearing; leaving behind a short dry aftertaste.

Another complex and well balanced Sherry Bomb from GlenDronach. I expected a bit more maturity from this 25 year old, especially when compared to GlenDronach 21 Year Old ‘Parliament’  but it will still be satisfactory for whisky enthusiasts. In most cases, 250 Euro price tag would be the negative point for this edition but being limited to just 1500 bottles and thanks to its immense popularity, enthusiasts will omit this point if they can ever get their hands on a bottle.

Enjoy and keep on drinking Whisky…