Hazelburn 12 is the product of Springbank distillery from the Campbelltown peninsula, located on the west coast of Scotland.

200 years ago there were more than 30 distilleries spread around this region. Unfortunately, today there are only 3, Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle.

When compared to others, with a low production amount of  750.000 liters per annual, Springbank is considered as one of the smaller distilleries. Since its foundation back in 1828, Springbank is owned and run by Mitchell family. This makes them the oldest distillery run by the same family in Scotland. Another special feature of Sprinbank is that they are the only distillery in Scotland constantly producing 3 different product ranges.

Springbank brand takes up 80% of the total production and offers a light peated expression to whisky enthusiasts. Longrow brand makes 10% of the production and it is a high peated bottle. The remaining 10% of production is released under the Hazelburn brand and it is a non-peat product. The names of Hazelburn and Longrow, comes from nowadays defunct distilleries located in Campbelltown.

Hazelburn was first distilled in 1997 and initially released to market in 2005 as a 8 year old product. It is distilled 3 times and this makes it the only triple distilled expression in Scotland. Today Hazelburn is offered in 2 expressions, 10 year old and 12 year old.

Due to low production rates, it is fairly hard to get your hand on one. I had the chance to sample when a good friend of mine brought this back from his trip to Dublin. Hazelburn 12 was first released in 2009 with a limited release of just 3,900 bottles. The expression we sampled is from the 2010 release and comes with a ABV of 46%

Hazelburn 12

Hazelburn 12 Tasting Notes

Color:  Dark and intense burnt amber

Nose: Intense fruity aromas like raisins, sultanas, toffee and some nuts thanks to the sherry casks used for maturation. Bitter notes of roasted coffee beans and chocolate balancing overall.

Palate: Similar to nose. Creamy flavors of fruity delight balanced by chocolate, ginger and coffee.

Finish: Fairly long and sweet finish in the mouth. Some spicy and woody dryness left behind.

If you are sherry loving whisky enthusiast or like sweet flavors from your expressions. This may be a good choice for an everyday dram. Great value for money with a price tag of  50 USD. It is actually if you can find one…

Slàinte Mhath…