On 26th of November, 2016 Highland Park Distillery officially released the second expression from its Viking Legend series. Following its older brother – ‘Ice Edition’ – Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old celebrates some of the myths and legends emerging from the Viking age.

Fire Edition is the first expression to be fully matured in ‘refill Port wine seasoned cask’  in distillery’s history. Spirit comes in a red glass bottle reference to – as you would guess – fire gods from the Viking legends. The Dark wooden cradle matches with the’Ice Edition’ so both of them will look in unison on your whisky shelf.

This edition is limited to 28,000 bottles and comes with 45.2% ABV. According to the information provided from the company, it does not include any artificial coloring but it does have a quite unique light reddish gold hue which is pretty extraordinary in the world of whisky. Price tag for this ‘fiery’ bottle is around £195 and you can get yourself one easily from the Whisky Exchange website.

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Light Reddish golden hue with copper highlights (Natural Color according to distillery)

Nose: Opens up with wine influenced notes… dark fruits, berries, grapes and prunes… nice amount of vanilla… light smokey notes come out later warming things a bit… citrus aromas… on the background some bitter touch in the form of burnt oak and charcoal…

Palate: Oily… Port wine influence is more noticeable than the nose… grapes, raspberries and strawberries almost like a warm compote or marmalade… Malty oak flavors along with some nuttiness balancing the sweetness…  warm spices, cinnamon and a little bit of pepper keep things popping… dark chocolate and burnt oak bitterness… Smoke is subtle but nice…

Finish: Medium finish… Dark fruity notes leaving behind some wooden spices…

There are different opinions on Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old. Some people found it to be too much port influenced. (I have to disagree with this. The ‘refill’ casks are ‘seasoned’ with port wine so it is not a full force maturation. The effect of port is there but not overwhelming). Other enthusiasts loved this new ‘wine’ touched Highland Park spirit. Personally I liked it a lot but it looks like one of those expressions that you would need to try yourself to make the final decision…

Enjoy and have fun…

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old Whisky Review
Overall Score87%
87%Overall Score
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