Each year Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno hand picks a unique selection of casks to create a new expression for the special and limited – ‘The Macallan Edition Series’.

Macallan Edition 1 was a showcase of the distillery’s “80% of the flavour comes from our oak casks.” statement. It was an expression created from marrying of spirits matured in 8 different casks. Edition 2 was the result of a collaboration between Macallan and Roca brothers, owners of ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, twice voted the best restaurant in the world. And now we have the third edition of the series.

Macallan Edition 3 is the result of the unique collaboration between Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno and Master Perfumer Roja Dove.

The box provides a lot of information about the casks used, in a similar manner with the previous releases. This edition is created from spirits coming from 6 different barrels. According to the information provided, the casks and their flavour contributions to the final product are as follows;

  • 1st Fill American Oak Hudosa Butts – Fresh Cut Oak and Citrus
  • 2nd Fill American / European Oak Refill Butts – Dry, floral and Vanilla
  • 1st Fill European Oak Tevasa Butts / Punchenons – Rich Fruit Cake
  • 1st Fill American Oak Bourbon Hogheads – Sweet, Crisp Green Apple
  • 1st Fill European Oak Tevasa Hogheads – Orange, Burnished Oak
  • 1sr Fill American Bourbon Barrels – Vanilla Ice Crean, Light Spice

Regarding Macallan Edition 3, Mr Bob Dalgarno, The Master Whisky Maker of Macallan said;

“A remarkable journey for the senses, a powerful experience of flavour and aroma inspired by the world of the master perfumer. The use of smaller cask increases the contact between our whisky and the exceptional wood to intensify the sensory adventure.”

Roja Dove, The Master perfumer who collaborated in the creation of this edition commented;

“Deliciously fresh and citrus, a sublime hint of toffee and vanilla and an astonishing enveloping softness. This is an exceptional example of the whisky maker’s art and the extraordinary power of aroma.”

Macallan Edition 3 is a NAS (Non-Age Statement) product which comes bottled at 48.3% ABV. It is expected that around 250.000 bottles will be available worldwide with a price tag of £95.

Macallan Edition 3

Macallan Edition 3 Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Shimmering warm golden hue… A bit lighter than the previous editions…

Nose: As expected the nose is literally very perfume like… Fresh floral scents enveloped with vanilla sweetness… Freshly cut lemon and orange juice add another layer of crispy and tingling sensation… Subtle cinnamon warms things up and creates a more flirtatious feel…

Palate: The palate is left short of the high expectations created by the fantastic nose… When compared to previous editions, the sherry touch is lighter… warm fruit compote, green apples, pears and dried fruits… Light spiciness mostly in the form of ginger balance the additional sweetness from the vanilla…

Finish: Medium to long… The sweetness lingers long, leaving behind a short oaky aftertaste …

For the past couple of years, my experience with the new Macallan expressions has been like a roller coaster ride. Their 1824 series (with the exception of Ruby) was a disappointment for me. On the other Edition No 1 and Edition No 2 were great additions. With this in mind, I was very excited about the Edition No 3 but had my doubts about being it developed with a master perfumer.

The result came out to be as expected. Macallan Edition 3 is fantastic on the nose. Even to the point that you can use it as an actual perfume but the taste part of the experience fails to impress as much. At the end, Macallan Edition 3 is an innovative but a one-dimensional expression. Still, I recommend that it should be sampled by all enthusiasts as a great example of whisky innovation…


Macallan Edition 3 Whisky Review
Overall Score86%
86%Overall Score