Label application for a brand new Peated Compass Box expression is available from the TTB registry – Compass Box No Name

TTB Public Registry has been a good source of information regarding the upcoming new spirits. It should also not be forgotten that there are always possibilities the whisky or any other spirit, even with label approval, may not make it to the market for any reason. Until we receive an official statement from the distillery itself, everything we discuss here should be treated as buzz…

It is a peated expression which will be limited to 15.000 bottles. The alcohol content is at 48.9% ABV. As a common practice with Compass Box Whisky Co. back label provides tons of information and insight about the spirit;

“For this, our peatiest Whisky yet, We have decided on ‘No Name’. We’ll let the Whisky speak for itself.

We recently acquired a parcel of casks mature, heavy-peated single malt whisky from a distillery located along Pier Road, in the Southeast of the island of Islay. This was a parcel of American oak barrels filled with massively peaty malt whisky – tarry and full of bonfire-like smokiness. To us, this was whisky crying out to be tamed and shaped into a very special Compass Box limited Edition.

Compass Box No Name

If you are familiar with our whisky called ‘Peat Monster’, you will find this limited edition whisky even peatier. It is massive in terms of intensity and complexity of flavor, a whisky brimming with multifaceted peatiness, yet tempered with hints of fruit character and an underlying sweetness. For a whisky such as this, we felt No Name was needed to adorn this label.

The recipe is primary sourced from the Pier Road Distillery. The tempering single malt is from the Islay distillery in Port Askaig, with its more elegant, restrained peaty malt whisky. To add dimension, fruit character and an ethereal element, we have added a small portion of malt whisky from a much-loved distillery in the Northern Highland village of Brora. We finished things off with just a touch of malt whisky finished in French oak, providing a lovely underlying sweetness and richness.”

Based on the information available from this label, we can figure out that the main spirit comes from Ardbeg, while others are from Caol Ila and Clynelish. The final ‘french oak’ is kinda sketchy at the moment.

The was no information available regarding the actual release date and/or price of Compass Box No Name at the time of this post.