This year Glenfiddich Distillery is celebrating its 130th anniversary and it looks like there may be something special for the enthusiasts. According to the Instagram account @Glenfiddich_Fan_Pl, the distillery is getting ready to release a two bottle Glenfiddich 130 Anniversary Limited Edition expressions package which will be limited to just 300 units.

Please do not forget that there is no official statement from the distillery itself, everything we discuss here should be treated as buzz… even the whole thing may not see daylight but based on the pictures there is a great chance that this might be legit.

Glenfiddich Distillery was founded by Willian Grant in 1887. According to the information provided by the company; ‘William Grant fulfils a lifelong ambition and starts building his own distillery with the help of his nine children and a single stone mason. He names it Glenfiddich, Gaelic for Valley of the Deer. After a year of hard labour the first drop of spirit falls from the copper stills on Christmas Day 1887.’

Glenfiddich 130 Anniversary

Based on the pictures, Glenfiddich 130 Anniversary Limited Edition package will include two special edition bottles.

First one is a 26-Year-Old expression coming from Cask #4667 which is a 2nd refill Sherry Butt. The fill date is 18/02/1991. This one is defined as “Intense oakiness with a beautiful rich color”.

Color: Rich Amber

Nose: Aromatic dry fruits, deep and rich sherry aroma with a hint of spiciness from the oak

Palate: Oily mouth coating with lots of dry fruits sweetness followed by delicate oak tannin

Finish: Long lasting finish

The second bottle is another 26-Year-Old expression from Cask #12418 with a fill date of 15/04/1991. This is a refill Sherry butt and defined as “Subtle European oak note with lighter color and more of the original distillery notes”

Color: Light Amber

Nose: Freshing peppery, ware clove with an elegant sherry and woody aroma

Palate: Delicate dry fruits with warm spiciness and oakiness

Finish: Long lasting finish

Glenfiddich 130 Anniversary

Again; We do not know if this is going to be available for public or be kept as a VIP item but it sure does look intreguing.