We have the official confirmation for the release of Ardbeg Twenty Something expression from the distillery. This new edition is actually a 23-Year-Old expression and will be exclusive to Committee Members initially.

Last year Ardbeg released Ardbeg 21 which was the first age statement edition after almost seventeen years, besides Ardbeg Ten. The story behind that expression was Ardbeg has purchased back 270 casks that were maturing in Chivas Brothers warehouses left over from their ‘perilous’ period. They have created the blend for the release of Ardbeg 21 from 135 of these casks and kept the rest for a future expression. Ardbeg 21 was fully matured in Ex-Bourbon casks. Ardbeg Twenty Something is the result of vatting of spirits from Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Oloroso sherry casks. We do not have any detailed about the authenticity of the story or about the casks purchased back. But whatever it may be, there is a good chance that some of the spirit, if not all, used in Ardbeg Twenty Something might be from these remaining casks.

Ardbeg Twenty Something

Mickey Heads, Distillery Manager and Chairman of the Ardbeg Committee says:

“This magnificent whisky was created within the retired iconic still which stands proud outside our Distillery today. It’s a glimpse back into Ardbeg’s turbulent past and reaffirms just why the Distillery couldn’t be allowed to be disappear.”

The back label reads;

“Ardbeg Twenty Something. A rare opportunity to revisit an Ardbeg from 23 years ago and experience an exceptional example of immense character. A rare and beautiful dram bursting with vanilla cream, rich chocolate, wood smoke and a hint of spice. This superb bottling is from only a handful of casks laid down during the precarious years when the Distillery’s future hung in the balance.”

Ardbeg Twenty Something 23-Year-Old is non-chill filtered and has bottled with 46.3% ABV. It will be priced at £ 430 and be available to Committee Members on November 2nd.