Update: Bowmore Vault Edition First Release – ‘Atlantic Salt’ is officially released by the distillery. You can find detailed information about this expression in my new post.

Back in late July a new label application by Bowmore has been discovered in TTB Public Registry.  It looks like Bowmore will be releasing a new cask strength expression in the near future. – Bowmore Vault Edition.

TTB Public Registry has been a good source of information regarding the upcoming new spirits. It should also not be forgotten that there are always possibilities the whisky or any other spirit, even with label approval, may not make it to the market for any reason. Until we receive an official statement from the distillery itself, everything we discuss here should be treated as buzz…

Bowmore Vault Edition is going to be a cask strength NAS product altough 51.5% ABV seems a bit low for a cask strength product. There are couple of interesting points based on the labeling.

First of all, the name comes from the legendary warehouse of Bowmore. Bowmore’s No. 1 Vaults is the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland. It provides the perfect conditions, damp, cold and dark, for the maturation of whisky.

Bowmore Vault Edition

Right below the name, we are seeing the statement – “First Release”. It can be interpreted as an indication that Bowmore might plan this as a series of expressions in a similar fashion to Macallan Edition No 1.

‘Atlantic Sea Salt’ looks like the nickname of the release and it is based on the description below…

“UNCOVERING the different layers created by the ALCHEMY of the No.1 VAULTS”

On the label back there is a short note about the tasting notes to be expected from the bottle…

“Discover the flavors of sun-ripened fruits, salted honeycomb, zingy spiced cocoa and iodine-soaked blood orange, all bathed in Atlantic sea spray. Awash with blackberry, sea salt and kumquat, the lasting finish opens out like the vast ocean itself.”

I am very excited about this (rumored) bottle as I am a big fan of Bowmore and Islay whiskies. We will update you as soon as we have more information…