The label for the newest Bruichladdich Black Art bottle is available in the TTB database. This time, it is a 26-Year-Old expression distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2017. Black Art 6, in a similar fashion to its predecessors, will come in individually numbered bottles and be limited to 18,000 units.

The label does not include any insight about the product which is typical to Black Art series but contains some ramblings about this ‘complex and mysterious’ liquid;

“The enigmatic arts of the distiller are shrouded by meager facts. There are dark secrets within and marking the passage of time alone bestows insufficient heft. Through these burdened hands great oak and steadfast principles pass. High Art, complex and mysterious is revealed only to those who see stars.”

Black Art 6 is bottled at 46.9% ABV. It is non-chilled filtered and does not include any artificial coloring as expected from the distillery. No information is available at this time regarding the actual release date nor the pricing.

Bruichladdich Black Art 6

TTB Public Registry has been a good source of information regarding the upcoming new spirits. It should also not be forgotten that there are always possibilities the whisky or any other spirit, even with label approval, may not make it to the market for any reason. Until we receive an official statement from the distillery itself, everything we discuss here should be treated as buzz…