In 2016, Springbank Distillery released the first new addition – Springbank 16 Year Old Local Barley – to its ‘Local Barley’ series after almost 20 years. They also announced that this was the first in a series of five expressions to be released over five years.

Original Springbank Local Barley editions were famous in mid 1990’s to early 2000’s for their extraordinary quality back. These expressions were made using local barley sourced from nearby farms around the distiller’s location in Campbeltown. Some of these old expressions, matured more than 30 years, were highly praised by the Whisky authorities and became ‘bottles of desire’ for the enthusiasts all around the world.

Now we have the first information about the second edition of this series. It looks like 2017 version will be a 11 year old expression. Based on the label design application from TTB, Springbank 11 Year Old Local Barley will be made from spirits distilled in February 2006 and bottled in February 2017. The type of barley used in this expression is called Bere and comes from the local Aros Farm.

UPDATE: The information and the release have been official confirmed via Tweets from the official Springbank account.

TTB Public Registry has been a good source of information regarding the upcoming new spirits. It should also not be forgotten that there are always possibilities the whisky or any other spirit, even with label approval, may not make it to the market for any reason. Until we receive an official statement from the distillery itself, everything we discuss here should be treated as buzz…

In a similar fashion to the 16 Year Old, this expression is limited to 9,000 bottles and comes bottled at 53.1% ABV.

Springbank 16 Year Old Local Barley was one of the highlights of my whisky adventure in 2016. Even to the point that, I claimed it to be the ‘Best Overall Whisky’ of my 2016 Selections. 16 Year Old sold out quickly, so if you looking forward to get your hands onto one, make sure you act with haste…