The third and the latest edition of the ‘Springbank Local Barley’ series is around the corner; This time it comes as a 10 Year old expression. After Local Barley 16 Year Old and Local Barley 11 Year Old, this is the youngest of the series so far.

Springbank Local Barley series focuses on using local farms as the exclusive source of barley used in distilling. The label states;

“The single malt scotch whisky has been distilled from barley grown on the Kintyre Peninsula within a few miles of Springbank. The barley is then malted in our own malt floors using traditional production techniques before it is turned into a spirit, matured into whisky and bottled on site, making this a 100% Campbeltown Single Malt”

Springbank Local Barley 10 Year Old was distilled on June 2007. The type of barley used was Belgravia and it came from the West Backs farm. 70% of the maturation took place in Bourbon casks while for the remaining 30%, sherry casks were chosen. The bottling was done in November 2017.

In the same manner with its predecessors, Springbank Local Barley 10 Year Old is limited to just 9000 bottles. The alcohol content for this edition is at 57.3% ABV. It will be available in the UK from Tuesday 5th December – other markets/countries will vary throughout the weeks ahead. Suggested retail price is set at £86

Springbank Local Barley 10 Year Old

Springbank Local Barley 10 Year Old Whisky Tasting Notes (from the producer)

Nose: The nose on this dram is constantly changing and always exquisite. Pick your favorite dessert: vanilla ice-cream with butterscotch sauce, pecan pie or creme caramel. Custard cream biscuit and chocolate honeycomb are also present. The tasting panel has a sweet tooth.

Palate: The whisky has a lovely delicate floral quality of lemongrass and citrus tea. There’s also the sweetness of almonds and marzipan which is balanced with a hint of peat and ends on a note of luxury, pure smooth velvet.

Finish: You can tell this was matured in a dunnage warehouse, with the soft earthy finish. At the end, you can taste salted caramel and the spiciness of freshly baked cinnamon buns drizzled with honey.