The popularity of Whisky is increasing all around the world. Increasing number of people want to know more about Whisky and one of the best places they go for  to look for knowledge is Whisky Bars. These bars act as hubs where whisky enthusiasts can sample new expressions, exchange knowledge and enjoy whisky. Even to a point where some of them are being called “Liquid Gold Library” or “Whisky Museum”.


Zoetrope Body

If you like Japanese Whisky, Zoetrope is the place where you should be. It is stucked on a back-alley in the Nishi – Shinjuju district. This bar has over 300 bottles on their menu which some of them are not even on sale anymore and can not even be found anywhere else in Tokyo. The owner, Atsushi Horihami, is also a Movie addict. He took this addiction to a new level where he had his bar designed by Takeo Kimura who is a famous Japanese art director. You can choose a rare Mercian, an expression from the newly opened Venture Distillery or you can prefer to sample Japanese legends from Nikka or Suntory while watching old cartoons and silent movies playing on the screens.


Hops and Barley Body

Opened in 2015 on the famous Istiklal Street, The House of Hops and Barley is the first true “Whisky Bar” of Istanbul. The menu has more than 130 expressions available to whisky enthusiasts and the knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions. Small tapa style aperitifs carefully picked to accompany your selection adds a nice flair to the whole experience.

If you like to sample something new or compare tastes from certain regions, the “Whisky Tours” on the menu is a great option not to be missed.


Mash Tun Body

Constructed in 1896, Mash Tun is located in building initially designed to look line a ship. Located on the banks of river Spey, in Aberlour, Speyside which can be defined as a Whisky Heaven. The employees are highly knowledgeable and can help you with any whisky related queries.

The Mash Tun also has a very famous Glenfarclas Collection. An expression of Single Barrel production from each year between 1952 to 1998 is available for the visitors to see.


Jack Rose Body

Jack Rose, which is located in Washington D.C. the capital of USA, is known as the center of universe for many whisky lovers. The Adams Morgan saloon can offer you almost all the expressions of “Liquid Gold” know to man with its impressive 1800 bottle collection. You can enjoy your dram in the wood cladded cellar, open air terrace or the dining room. You can also smoke a cigar from the menu to accompany your whisky.


Pot Still Body

The Potstill in Glasgow is perhaps the most conveniently located pub of Scotland. 2 Train stations and 3 bus stops within a walking distance makes this bar highly accessible. Formerly known as the “Liquid Gold Library” this bar has more than 650 bottles available on its menu. Currently operated by Frank Murphy and his family, Potstill is one of the most popular destinations for Glasgow visitor.


Auld Alliance Body

It will be unfair to call The Auld Alliance a bar. It is better to call this a” Whisky Library” or a “Museum”. A museum where you can sample the exhibitions… Besides sampling some of the best whisky expressions, you can get a change to learn about the long history of it. With more than 1000 bottle available on its shelves at any time, The Auld Alliance offers a unique experience for any whisky enthusiast.


Black Rock Body

This bar, located in the dungeons beneath London City offers a unique adventure to anyone visiting. Instead of a classic bar setup, Black Rock uses a 6 m. long English Oak log in the middle of the space.

Besides 250 bottles of whisky available, the menu has special cocktails specifically created to present the different whisky regions of the world.


Flatiron Body

Flatiron Room is the whisky address of Manhattan, New York. It offers the visitors to taste more than 500 bottles which some of them can only be accessed by a ladder. .Besides sampling some of the best whiskies of the world, you can enjoy whisky training which is available in the private room upstairs.

Flatiron has a very strict guest code and reservation is a must all around the year. They even mention this on their website to prevent any misunderstandings.

“We are not trying to be snooty or exclusive in any way. We love our guests. So much so that we are willing to turn some away so the ones inside can best enjoy their experience. We want all of our guests to experience The Flatiron Room in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – where there is a seat available for every person.”


Baxter Inn Body

The Baxter Inn, located in Sydney, has the “no reservation, no private room, no door, welcome everyone” policy. The menu, that may cause “Gold Blindness” may bring even the strongest man to his knees. The 3 column menu starting from the ceiling goes down and disappears behind the bar, offers a selection of different expressions.