Whisky is a highly strong drink. The people leading this famous distilled spirit have always been men around the world.

Initially, women were not allowed in bars. They were suspected of bad character and culture ease lingered. Sometimes, drinking at private homes was permitted for amusement purposes. Gradually, things are changing. Almost, one third of the drinkers in UK constitute of women.

The historic macho image of whisky has always been associated with a man’s drink. It is now switching to be a favorite of all the women. One of the key factors behind this change is the number of female whisky drinkers increasing on screen.

Below we have rounded up 8 badass women drinkers who have proved that whisky is not merely a man’s drink. These women prove their whisky love and appreciation.

Christina Hendricks Johnnie Walker Spot
Christina Hendricks – Johnnie Walker

Christina Hendricks

This woman’s real character is very identical to that of her fictional character in the movie Mad Men where she is seen as a alcoholic. She says that she fell in love with her husband over scotch. She went on a romantic evening where she listened to him sipping scotch. She is even seen in several Johnnie Walker commercials.

Lady Gaga

This young singer has an unusual personality who openly refers to Jameson as her longtime boyfriend. She declares that she would not have been as Gaga as she is if she didn’t whisky to accompany her journey. She believes that whisky is her success secret and has helped her to make the new songs.


An ardent lover of Jameson, Rihanna says that whiskey makes her feel pretty. She is all about praises for whisky and even incorporates her love for whisky in her songs. We can hear such an excerpt from her latest album ‘Anti’ in the song ‘Higher’. She was even seen sipping small amounts of whisky in the diamond flask.

Hillary Clinton

One of the top priorities of Hillary Clinton is drinking whisky and she can always make up time for that. She is seen consuming the brown spirit in public which displays her devoted love for whisky. One of the whiskeys was named as ‘Rodham Rye’ in the honor of the glory of the Secretary of State.

Mila Kunis Jim Beam Spot
Mila Kunis – Jim Beam

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis loves to cherish her bourbon and whisky with ice. She helped in boosting the Bourbon’s sale by approximately 43 percent by being the spokesperson for Jim Beam. She likes to consume it by blending it in cocktails and when it is served on the rocks.

Halle Barry

This woman was seen drinking whisky during her movie ‘Kingsman’ promotions in San Diego. Her co-star poured whisky for her and she drank it to the full without a pause and banged it on the table. She also jokingly pretended to faint amongst the people. So, we can figure out that she loves whisky and doesn’t care what people think of her.

Amy Schumer

This woman is totally in awe of Lagavulin 16-year scotch. Her other favorites include Vodka Martinis and Margaritas. Scotch has a focal part in her fantasy with the former president Barack Obama.

Barack Obama and I are at a restaurant in New Orleans. I am eating alone when the waiter says, “Barack sent you this.” And it’s a glass of Lagavulin 16 year. My favorite scotch. I acknowledge with a nod and finish my meal. Like I’m the coolest bitch ever. We walk out without talking, and go to Preservation Hall and watch a bunch of different amazing jazz musicians. We smoke cigars and drink scotch and never say a word to each other – As told by GQ

Kate Middleton

While the Duchess of Cambridge was on her way to the Famous Grouse Distillery, she outdrank her royal husband. In an instance, she had also gulped down about 120 shots in Healey’s Cyder’s warehouse. Kate’s boozy behavior is seen at a lot of times, but she doesn’t care and continues to enjoy her spirit.


These women have chucked the notion of whisky being merely a man’s drink to that of the ladies…


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